Make The World Hate Again

by Sunset Sunday

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It may not be the outcome that many of us were expecting, but you cannot go and throw a fit about it. Now is not the time for civil war, it is the time to reunite with each other, forgive our political differences and give the pumpkinhead a chance.

Let’s hope those proposed policies really were just talk. IF those proposed policies start to become a reality, THEN it is time to revolt, but not now.

Democracy is democracy, we should be lucky to have it.

EDIT: This is no longer democracy. He did not receive the majority vote, nor does he deserve it.


You come alive once you know that there's control
You feel the need for attention and patrol
Always looking for the next and best loophole

You gotta know that this is your technique
You hit the public when you know that they are weak
With racist and fascist critique

Stop acting innocent
Because all you do is make people fear
The highest tier
You just don't understand
The atrocity that you're causing here
Just disappear

Your intention is to upset
Cause pain, suffering and regret
All organised by your thick head

You'll win the race, we'll win the war
It's like the rich versus the poor
You leave behind and just ignore

You just don't care what you say
You make us take all the blame
You throw society away


released November 10, 2016
Music & Lyrics by Tristan Gorman
Recorded by Sunset Sunday
Mixed & Mastered by Nath Stevens at ActionTrack Studios
© Sunset Sunday / Demontoaster Records 2016



all rights reserved


Sunset Sunday Taunton, UK

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